Our Process

We guide clients in pursuing and achieving their marketing and communications goals. Everything we do together propels your overall content marketing program.

Web of Awareness


We take your story — a thought leadership article, a product award entry, a solution case study — and place it wherever is most appropriate. Taken to the next level, just one story or piece of content can be parsed and repurposed into new stories and new pieces of content.

We use trade show appearances, email marketing, webinars, advertising, video, and social media campaigns to augment and extend the impact of communications efforts.

As part of a thoughtful campaign, all of this work yields a wide Web of Awareness™ that maximizes your reach and exposure.

Explore the Wall Street Communications Process

The Wall Street Process
STEP 1: Define and Analyze - Determine Marketing Goals and Objectives

We work with you to evaluate your current market position and decide where you want to be. Then we help you define the goals and objectives of your marketing and communications efforts so you can get there.

Your goals might be to:

  • communicate key messages to the media and online influencers
  • promote technology and product benefits
  • identify and reach out to target markets and geographic areas
  • approach and influence decision-makers and end users
  • put the company on a more competitive footing
STEP 2: Evaluate and Prioritize - Identify Short- and Long-Term Plans

We help you create a long-term strategy and decide how to implement it. That means figuring out exactly how to deliver the content we create together. We will support you as you:

  • implement integrated marketing campaigns by product, application, market, and vertical
  • influence key buyers
  • build and extend thought leadership initiatives
  • increase share in new and emerging markets
  • shape and reinforce key messaging
  • highlight strengths and competitive advantages
STEP 3: Craft and Implement - Assess Strategy and Campaigns

Our writers boast decades of experience writing about digital media technology, and it shows in the quality and accuracy of their work. What does that mean for you? These superior writing capabilities benefit you by:

  • enabling rapid generation of engaging content with the right messaging
  • improving credibility through clear, concise, and correct communications
  • increasing the likelihood that messages will be posted and reposted by trade publications and on social media
  • boosting audience interest and engagement with the client’s company, technology, and products
STEP 4: Target and Deliver - Address Content Appropriately

Web of AwarenessWe make sure the engaging content we create together gets delivered to the right place at the right time. We take your story — a thought leadership article, a product award entry, a solution case study — and place it wherever is most appropriate. Then we create a web of awareness around it to maximize its reach. That means using social media, email campaigns, ads, webinars, blogs, videos, and so many more tools to put that story anywhere and everywhere. One piece of content multiplies into endless possibilities for impact.

STEP 5: Monitor and Measure - Report Progess and Effectiveness

Throughout and after every campaign, we use a variety of tools to measure the outcomes. We do so by:

  • aggregating monthly clipping reports
  • identifying increased brand awareness, media interest, dealer inquiries, site traffic, etc. (qualitative)
  • tracking media mentions (quantitative)
  • evaluating the reach of media coverage
  • evaluating reach in social media
  • comparing results before and after specific initiatives
  • assessing generation of new sales leads