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Engage Your Prospects With LinkedIn Video

The ability to share video on LinkedIn is critical because it has emerged as perhaps the most trusted platform for B2B networking, while social media networks such as Facebook have lost some of their appeal for serious business purposes.

User-generated video is an effective way to share information, insights, and perspectives in a direct and engaging manner that is often more personal than written communication, and LinkedIn understands this. The company has made it easy for you to share video through your LinkedIn feed — just upload it from your computer or link to a YouTube video. (Unfortunately, the LinkedIn mobile app does not yet allow you to upload directly from your phone, which makes sharing video on LinkedIn a two-step process if, for example, you are trying to use your phone to record and share video from a trade show floor. But the company says it will address this issue in future updates.)

LinkedIn does, however, give you  a growing array of tools for making that content discoverable and for understanding your viewers.

The LinkedIn dashboard (via mobile and desktop) conveniently offers valuable audience insights that help you see the people and companies who view your video content, as well as the likes and comments associated with each video. In short, this information reveals whether or not a particular video is reaching its target audience.

By identifying viewers and their titles, LinkedIn video analytics show who’s connecting with you — giving you meaningful opportunities for networking, recruiting, and generating sales leads. If you’re seeking to establish yourself or your company as an influencer or thought leader, then sharing video on LinkedIn is a great way to amass followers and engage with them directly. If nothing else, the simple appeal of video can be useful in capturing and retaining your followers’ attention, thereby increasing the time they spend on your LinkedIn profile and the number of repeat visits.

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After you’ve made your video, just upload it to LinkedIn from your computer and start connecting!