Cindy Ryan joined the Wall Street Communications team earlier this year as a marketing operations assistant. She plays a vital role in getting client news out to the trade press.

Cindy answered a few questions to help us get to know her better, and we thought we’d share.

What’s your favorite part of working in PR?
I enjoy the just-when-you-think-you’ve-seen-it-all moments: the head-shakers, the eye-rollers, the jaw-droppers, the belly-laughers, the shoulder-shruggers, the head-scratchers, the eye-crossers, and the cringers. Fortunately, there isn’t much of that nonsense at Wall Street Communications!  🙂

How old is the oldest pair of shoes in your closet?
I’m not positive, but I believe they’re 29 years old. Flaming red Ferragamo flats. Iconic. Classic. Timeless.

How do you recharge?
This is difficult to fathom after my answer to the first question, but a high mountain top or the wilderness will reset my whole outlook on life. Those breathers remind me that not one of us is even a little bit significant in the grand scheme of things, and that time marches on, just as it has for a very long time before us, and just as it probably will for very long time after us. That realization always gives me pause … and peace.