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How Many Impressions Does It Take to Make an Impression?

Wall Street Communications’ Chris Lesieutre says that’s the real question right now.

But what’s his answer? Read on!


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How Does PR Help SEO?

Wall Street Communications President Chris Lesieutre hates SEO, and he always has.

Find out why … and how his experience can help you manage both PR and SEO more effectively.


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Revving Up Your Marcom Engine to Drive Booth Traffic

70 percent of trade show attendees plan what booths they will visit before the show, making your preshow marketing even more important.

We put together a handy list of exactly what’s working in the industry today.


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6 Ways to Boost Your Year-End Marcom Planning

As we approach the end of the year, it’s important to take a look back and think about what did and didn’t work in content creation and marketing communication over the past year. How could things be improved for 2019?

Here are some things to think about as you consider your 2019 planning.


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Engage Your Prospects With LinkedIn Video

One year ago, following in the footsteps of other digital media giants, LinkedIn officially introduced its own video strategy. The ability to share video on LinkedIn is critical because it has emerged as perhaps the most trusted platform for B2B networking.

Find out how LinkedIn video tools can help take your B2B networking up a notch.


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Lights, Camera, Action! Tips for Making a Great Video

Videos are a great way of showcasing everything from individual products to complete solutions. A short video can be a great addition to your website, newsletters, and social media postings.

Here are a few handy hints to make sure you get the best results.


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Survey Says … What Editors Think About At-Show Press Meetings


If you’re finding it harder to get on editors’ calendars for at-show meetings, you’re not alone. We surveyed some of the most influential editors in the industry about this topic, and here’s what they had to say.

Read about the editor survey here.

JULY 2018

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Your Five-Step Plan to Max Out Trade Show Sales Leads: Start Now!

When you come back from a major trade show, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all those sales leads you just collected. In this issue, you’ll find a preshow plan that will make it easier to nurture those leads properly after the show is over.

Get your five-step preshow plan here.

JUN 2018

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How to Supercharge Your Next Trade Show With Things You’ll Be Doing Anyway

When you’re running around with your hair on fire preparing for a big trade show, it’s natural to think of the show as the finish line. After all, that’s the deadline everyone is working toward. That’s when you’ll be showing your latest and greatest offerings. And if you do things right, you’ll also be meeting with editors and potential buyers who can influence buying decisions throughout the marketplace.

Find out how to supercharge your trade show here.

APR/MAY 2018

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Easy on the Eyes: Why Visuals Are Essential to Your Marketing Content

Maybe you’ve heard this one from your marketing team before: “We need images to go with this blog” (or press release or social media post). And you might have wondered to yourself, “Why are these people always harassing me for pictures?” Well, let me explain.

Read more about why visuals are essential here.

MAR 2018

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Simplify Your NAB Show in Five Easy Steps

The 2018 NAB Show is on the horizon and approaching quickly! You’ve already reserved your booth, booked your flight and hotel room, and started planning meetings with your customers and prospective clients, but your work is not done.

Get your five easy steps for NAB here.

JAN/FEB 2018

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The Greatest ROI for PR? Visibility

At a recent PR metrics conference, I heard another attendee say, “Increasing visibility should never be one of your corporate goals. That’s not a goal.” But I disagree in general. It most certainly is a goal, and a worthy one at that, especially in the B2B space. If no one has heard of your business, then how will anyone find you? How will they know you exist? How will you boost your SEO in order to be found?

Read more of Dave’s thoughts on ROI for PR here.

OCT/NOV 2017

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IP: Is it finally here?

We’re only now seeing true implementations of all-IP broadcast infrastructures, but the industry’s interest in IP is nothing new. Looking through my Wall Street Communications agency files, I see client press releases going all the way back to 2001 that reference the use of IP networks to connect broadcast equipment for tasks such as monitoring and control.

Read more of Chris’ thoughts on the IP migration here.

AUG/SEP 2017

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Advertising: Should You Do It (and Why)?

That question comes up quite a lot in our conversations with vendors in this industry. It’s a relatively new question. I remember a day when people were more likely asking, “can we afford to advertise … can we afford not to advertise?” Easy enough to answer.

But the landscape has changed. Read about our take on advertising in today’s market.

JUN/JUL 2017

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A (Quick) 2017 NAB Show Marketing Retrospective

Here’s what NAB looked like to me, in a nutshell: NAB = IP + VR + UHD and 4K + HDR + ATSC 3.0

I’m sure there were other things that people were talking about at the show, but I didn’t hear anything else above the roar of those half-dozen topics.

Read more about the 2017 show here.

MAR/APR 2017

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Eight Tips for Securing Speaking Slots at Conferences

If you’ve been frustrated in trying to get accepted to speak at one of the highly regarded industry conferences, this list is for you. Given the competition, the task is difficult to be sure, but it’s not impossible. Understanding the process and adhering to a few simple guidelines can increase your chances of success.

Get your tips here.

JAN/FEB 2017

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Five Things That Irk Editors…and How to Avoid Them

Some of the best publicity you can get for your company is exposure in the trade press. There’s no substitute for third-party verification from the editors, whether they choose to run your press release, quote one of your experts in an article they’re writing, write an article about your company (what flattery!), or accept an article written by a company executive.

Click here to learn more.

SEP/OCT 2016

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The Media Landscape — Earned, Owned, Paid

I get to talk to a lot of senior management and marketing people at all kinds of different companies in the broadcast technology market. These companies run the full gamut from brand-new startups to well-established, privately held companies to large public enterprises, and, of course, the medium-sized companies that seem to be at the core of the industry around the globe. So I hear a lot of different viewpoints on the role of PR and the trade media today.

Read about why PR and the media are more important than ever here.

JUL/AUG 2016

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How to Nail Your IBC2016 Press Meetings

One of the most important aspects of attending trade shows is getting to meet with the members of the media who cover your news throughout the year.

These in-person meetings are excellent opportunities to build relationships and tell editors your story. They’re also a great time to discuss big trends and hot topics at the show and get the editors’ take on where the industry is headed.  Get 5 tips here.

JUNE 2016

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Advanced Digital Marketing: Does Your Business Need an Online Boost?

Like it or not, today people spend more time (and better-quality time) with digital platforms — such as mobile phones, tablets, or laptops — than they do with traditional platforms such as TVs or magazines. Find out how we can help here.


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An Unfair Advantage in Lead Follow-Up

So, NAB is behind you and you had a great show, right? Look at all of those leads captured in your handy little card scanner. But where are those leads now? If you’re like many exhibitors, you sent a thank-you to the prospects and then handed their info off to the sales team. Good call, but chasing leads might not be the sales reps’ top priority at the moment since they’re probably busy closing timely deals.

To augment the sales team’s efforts, we have some ideas for reverse-engineering your post-NAB lead-qualification process. Click to read more about how to take advantage of those valuable leads.

MARCH 2016

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Lights, Camera, Action!
Tips for Making a Great Video at NAB

At this point, a good portion of NAB preparation is probably behind you. Booth designs have been finalized, flights and hotels are booked, and your R&D teams are probably heads-down making final touches to the products you’ll be showing.

So now’s the time to think about how you’re going to present your products to the world. Videos are a great way of showcasing anything from individual products to complete solutions. Click to read more about making your own great videos at the show.


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NAB Is Closer Than You Think.
Are You Ready?

Time is flying. There are fewer than 60 days until the 2016 NAB Show opens! It’s the world’s largest electronic media show — the most important show of the year for many companies — and you’ve got a lot to get done in these remaining days.

To ensure everything goes smoothly, here are 10 things to check off your list in the coming weeks, if you haven’t done them already. Click to read more.


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NAB’s Around the Corner – Hang On!

I know it’s hard to believe, but NAB is only two and a half months away. It might seem like early days, but there are a few things you can do now to help make your life a bit easier and ensure that the show goes smoothly.

Here are a few tried-and-true tips to get you started on your NAB planning. Click to read more.


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Planning for Success in the New Year

It’s that time of year. Holidays, festivities, gatherings of family and friends. The old year winds down and the new one quickly comes into focus. It’s a time for reflection and a time for planning.

Which marketing strategies worked for you this year? Which ones didn’t? How should you adjust going forward?Click to read more.


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‘Tis the Season! (To connect with all those IBC prospects)

With IBC2015 over, the race is now on to connect with all those new prospects from the show. As November approaches, you have a growing list of meetings to schedule and leads to cultivate before the holidays roll in and 2016 begins. So, what should you do next?

What’s the most efficient and most effective way to connect? Click to read more.


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Here comes IBC!

After months of preparation, everything is done, and it’s just a matter of getting on the plane and getting on with it.

So, what can you be doing in these last few weeks leading up to this, or any, major trade show? As you might imagine, we go to a LOT of trade shows and we have seen it all. But one topic that comes up more and more is the seemingly dreaded video interview. Click to read more.

Bonus offering – Social Media: Get the 5 Min Plan.

JULY 2015

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Ah, summer. Exotic trips, kids in camp, long days, and bonfires. But let’s not forget the other side… mosquitoes, bored kids, crowds, and trade show prep!

For IBC, with just over a little more than a month to go, use checklists to make sure you’ve got everything covered. By now, travel and hotels should be booked. Giveaways and press kit USB sticks should be ordered. Shipping should be arranged and recovery plans should be in place in case any of the above doesn’t come off on schedule. You can never over plan for a major trade show! Click to read more.

Bonus offering – Top 10 Things to do BEFORE a Trade Show.

JUNE 2015

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While IBC is now just three months away, there is more that you can be doing to capitalize on your NAB efforts. Since June to August are typically slow news months, it’s an ideal time to get your user stories and other great content placed in the trade magazines and online outlets.

Of course, if it’s been published, make sure you are pointing to it from your website and with your social media. Articles are also great fodder for blogs and email blasts. You took the time to create it so make sure you leverage it as much as you can. Click to read more.

APRIL 2015

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Top 5 things NOT to do in a trade show editorial meeting:

  • Do not keep an editor waiting.
  • Do not complain about the amount of coverage you get vs. your ad spend.
  • Do not slam the competition . . . even if asked.
  • Do not get involved in long/complex demos.
  • Do not say anything to an editor that you wouldn’t want him to repeat in a later meeting with your competitors.

The top 5 things to do! Click to read more.


Featured in This Issue

The “show preview document” invented by Wall Street Communications to inform wohler-smeditors of new products being exhibited by our clients at trade shows also works great as a website feature, as attests this example from Wohler. Click to read more.