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How Does PR Help SEO?

Chris Lesieutre

I’ve always hated SEO. There, I said it.

I’ve hated SEO from the day I first heard about it. I still remember that day. A vendor who’d done a great job for us with some web design services phoned up to sell me SEO services, telling me that we needed special help so people would be able to find our website. And, he said, we could resell his service to our clients.

The whole idea infuriated me then and still does. It’s the notion that you had to specially code your content so that a machine would be able to scan metadata to figure out what you were all about, and then somehow rate and rank you. And if you didn’t sign on to the SEO concept, so the threat went, then no one would ever find you on the Internet.

So you spend hours, days, weeks … months go by in crafting your message, reviewing and massaging the copywriting, creating images and stunning graphics, pulling it all together into an engaging and informative site and then … sigh, it’s all for naught, because you didn’t code it correctly for the search police?

What makes it even more exasperating is that early on people figured out they could game the system. At first Google’s search results depended a lot on inbound links. The more links pointing to your site, the higher you appeared in the search results, regardless of the actual quality of your content. It was a popularity contest all the way. Read more.

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