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- 11 hours ago

Don't miss this SMPTE Webcast hosted by industry influencer, Ian Trow #CompressionStandards #HEVC #LCEVC #VVC #AV1… https://t.co/HzC0qjsb8J
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- 11 hours ago

RT @Beck_TV: Members of our #Engineering staff are continually attending clinics and earning certifications in the latest technologies. We…
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- 17 hours ago

.@BlackBoxEMEA to Show High-Performance KVM and Video Wall Solutions for Homeland Security and Safety at… https://t.co/RBNVU5re47
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Our Story


A guy walks into the pub at Marsh Benham, outside Newbury, Berkshire, and orders a pint. He works for a company called Alpha Image that makes incomprehensibly sophisticated electronics gizmos for the broadcast industry. He’s American and so is the bartender, who has recently, and inexplicably, settled in Hungerford, just down the road.

Every company’s origin story begins in a pub, or should do really. Or in your parents’ garage if you’re underage or there’s no pub nearby. Just like every great idea starts off as scrawl on the back of a cocktail napkin, right?

The two guys chat. The bartender discovers that Alpha Image needs some help with marketing writing. The other guy learns that the bartender is an experienced writer for high-tech. They clearly need each other and exchange phone numbers scratched out on the back of napkins.

Wall Street Communications wouldn’t start for another five years, but that’s how founder Chris Lesieutre got started in broadcast technology PR back in 1991. A chance meeting in a pub called The Water Rat.

Want to hear the rest of the story? Watch this space for future installments, or just fill out the form here and we’ll give you the whole scoop.

About Us

Wall Street Communications provides comprehensive marketing communications services for technology suppliers, standards bodies, and professional organizations in broadcast technology and across the digital media ecosystem. With unparalleled expertise refined over two decades in the business, we use our extensive press connections and a rich array of messaging and creative tools to build a Web of Awareness™ around our clients’ brands, products, and services.

An international multilingual agency with offices across North America and Europe, we have built an agile and highly responsive team that boasts diverse experience in the electronic media industry. While some team members have been on the client side with experience in corporate sales and marketing, others have trained and worked as public relations and marketing consultants, sales executives, and journalists.