When you’re running around with your hair on fire preparing for a big trade show, it’s natural to think of the show as the finish line. After all, that’s the deadline everyone is working toward. That’s when you’ll be showing your latest and greatest offerings. And if you do things right, you’ll also be meeting with editors and potential buyers who can influence buying decisions throughout the marketplace.

Of course, you want everything at the show to go off without a hitch. Who wouldn’t? But what if you look at the show as the starting line, not the finish line?

In other words, instead of simply planning for a perfect few days at a show, look at the show as a big ol’ content-generating opportunity.

When you start thinking of your show activities — press conferences, presentations, customer meetings, etc. — as a way to generate content, then you suddenly have a springboard for future marketing efforts. After all, you’re going to do those things anyway, so you might as well give them a life beyond the show … and make the most of your investment in being there. You’ll just need to have a photographer/videographer on hand. (Hello, smartphone!)

If you follow our five-point guide, you’ll have a whole lotta fuel for your postshow marketing with little extra effort. Get it now!

(While you’re at it, check out our video “Even a 5-Year-Old Kid Can Make a Product Pitch for YouTube or Vimeo.” Trust us. It’ll help.)

Sunny Branson, General Manager