by Chris Lesieutre

Last week I was able to attend Digital Summit with a couple of colleagues. It’s a conference series on digital marketing that’s touring the country, with first stop Portland, Oregon. Covered a lot of topics, some of which I was already versed in and got to learn more about, and then some things I  didn’t even know that I didn’t know. So now I know. Sort of. I know what to research and some new things to try.

Sessions I attended, just to give a sample of the kinds of things being addressed:

  • Battle of Micro-Storytelling: Winning With the ‘Stories’ Format
  • How to Build a Killer Team of Content Writing
  • A Roadmap to Remarkable Marketing
  • Content Marketing: Boom or Bust
  • Thought Leadership Disrupted: New Rules for the Content Age
  • Real World SEO Examples Every Digital Marketer Can Learn From
  • Use Humor to Increase Your Conversion Rate by 28%
  • Death to Boring B2B Marketing: Driving Innovation With Design Thinking
  • From Frustration to Success in Content Marketing
  • CRAVING: The Code for Creative Thinking
  • The Art of the Laugh (Taking Your Brand’s Humor Content to the Next Level)

One of the real highlights was the keynote “interview” with Steve Wozniak.  His range of topics was all over the place, with special emphasis on his fascination with electric cars, the Amazon Echo, the idea of getting machines to understand what he wants, and a million other things (except digital marketing).

The photo here is from the session From Frustration to Success in Content Marketing and represents the ‘hub and spoke’ model of content marketing, which essentially boils down to: create a great piece of content and then re-purpose the hell out of it for as long as it keeps giving you results. I think I liked this session because it validated things we’ve been doing for some of our clients for a long time now.