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Easy on the Eyes: Why Visuals Are Essential to Your Marketing Content

Guest contributor Carrie Wiste on why images are so important

Maybe you’ve heard this one from your marketing team before: “We need images to go with this blog" (or press release or social media post). And you might have wondered to yourself, “Why are these people always harassing me for pictures?” Well, let me explain.

Research shows that the majority of readers scan a page for visual cues to help them assess content and decide whether or not to spend the time it takes to read that content thoroughly. People start in the top left corner and check first for images, then headers, and then bullet points. If they don’t find anything appealing in the first two-tenths of a second, they’re gone.

And before you get that fraction of a second, you have to get people to click on your story in the first place. Here again, research confirms that you need visuals. You’ll get over 45 percent more clicks on a press release and 94 percent more on an article if that content includes images and/or video.

Consider how busy you are and how much content is available and even pushed to you every day. Then consider your own material. Stop and ask yourself: If I didn’t work for my company, would I click on this? Would I give it more than two-tenths of a second? If not, then you certainly can’t expect anyone else to do so.

Now that we’ve convinced you to send images, let’s talk guidelines. Because not just any image will do.

The most important thing to remember when submitting an image is that you’ll need higher quality for a print publication than for online. But no matter where your content lands ...

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