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Notable stories from April/May 2016:

Utah Scientific — April 18
"SVG@NAB Perspectives: Utah Scientific’s Harmon on Responding to Client Interest in IP, Deepening Partnership With Axon" by Karen Hogan
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Sonnet — May Edition
Encore user story on pg. 44
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Quantum — April 26
"Software-Defined Storage by Quantum" by Janet Lafleur
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Harmonic — May Edition
Post NAB Thought Leadership with Tom Lattie. Pages 20 and 21
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Utah Scientific — May 10
"The 4K/UHD Revolution Is Here" by Tom Harmon @UtahSci
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ChryonHego — May 11
"SVG Europe Sit-Down: ChyronHego’s Jesper Gawell on virtual graphics opportunities and player-tracking technology" by David Davies
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NUGEN Audio — Junio Edition
"Paquete de plug-ins Producer Pack de Nugen Audio" por Jorge y Sebastian Patrono
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An Unfair Advantage in Lead Follow-Up

So, NAB is behind you and you had a great show, right? Look at all of those leads captured in your handy little card scanner. But where are those leads now? If you’re like many exhibitors, you sent a thank-you to the prospects and then handed their info off to the sales team. Good call, but chasing leads might not be the sales reps’ top priority at the moment since they’re probably busy closing timely deals.

To augment the sales team’s efforts, we have some ideas for reverse-engineering your post-NAB lead-qualification process.

1. Start with the end goal in mind: the prospect buys your product. Then work backward.

2. So, what does a prospect do right before buying? Download a trial version? Get a demo? Attend a webinar?

3. And what happens just before that? What information does the lead need to move forward as a serious prospect? A white paper? A video demo?

4. Now imagine an email campaign that triggers automatically based on how someone interacts with your company and your website. This gives prospects a chance to raise their hands and indicate interest when they are ready. That digital hand-raising is reported to your sales people at the perfect time.

5. It’s all about personal touch. The prospect was at NAB so you mention that in the email. Follow-up emails tailor the message based on the prospect’s reaction to the first email. How did you like the video? What tips did you get from it? Make the message relevant based on what you know about each prospect and how they’re reacting.

There is highly effective marketing software that can automate this personalized follow-up process. The software takes contacts through the entire campaign, from providing helpful info to a call to action. How the prospect responds determines the next automated email.

If you think automated lead-follow up might be the unfair advantage that you need to turn your leads into prospects, click here to find out how Wall Street Communications can help.



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