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Notable stories from February 2016:

SMPTE — Feb. 14
Oscar Win! 2016 Sci-Tech Awards: The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
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Harmonic — Feb. 8
Encoding Races Toward a 4K Future @HarmonicInc
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Calrec — Feb. 3
Calrec Counts 33 Consoles at Russia’s TTC @calrecaudio
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Cobalt Digital — Feb. 22
LMG Trucks Hit the Road With Cobalt @CobaltDigital
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NUGEN Audio — February
Addressing the Upmix Challenge (page 41)
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Quantum — Feb. 16
Integrating the Cloud Into Production Workflows
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SMPTE — Feb. 19
SMPTE to Host ECTA Conference
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Volicon — Feb. 9
Closed Captioning Advances Slated for 2016 NAB Show @Volicon
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NAB Is Closer Than You Think.
Are You Ready?

Time is flying. There are fewer than 60 days until the 2016 NAB Show opens! It’s the world’s largest electronic media show — the most important show of the year for many companies — and you’ve got a lot to get done in these remaining days.

To ensure everything goes smoothly, here are 10 things to check off your list in the coming weeks, if you haven’t done them already:

1) Flight, hotel, restaurant, and car — Take advantage of cheaper flights and book early. And if you haven’t already booked your favorite hotel, it might be too late, so get on that right now. Have a preferred restaurant to take your customers? Make reservations now, so you’re not scrambling at the end of a long, hard day. And don’t forget to reserve a car!

2) NAB badges — Remember to register all staff members who will be attending the show. It’s a headache to have to add people on site.

3) NAB Show directory — March 9 is the deadline to submit your directory listing for inclusion in the printed NAB Show Guide.

4) Booth design — Layout, color, and visibility are all important. Be creative when designing your booth. Think about the flow and space so that visitors can check out your products easily, and you have room to move and interact.

5) Promotions Start early. Provide guest passes, push on social media, send out emails, advertise online and in print publications, and sponsor events to increase your visibility.

6) Press conference and other special events — If you’re planning to hold a press conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center, then you should have booked it already, but it’s not too late. Just try to find a time and location that minimizes conflicts with other events. For press conferences or events at your booth, send out save-the-date notices a couple of months before (That’s now!), and send invitations a month before the event.

7) Product news — Prepare press releases early, and try to distribute any news at least two weeks before the show to increase visibility and drive booth traffic.

8) Editorial — How about some customer case studies? Now’s a good time to get those stories written and placed. You could even turn them into collateral for the show.

9) Editor and customer meetings — Prepare press kits with your latest news, data sheets, and images. Depending on your global reach, have staff members available who can speak in other languages to make it easier for your customers and the editors.

10) Your elevator pitch — Practice it. You're there to sell!

The key is to be proactive. If you are, then you’ll have another successful show.

At Wall Street Communications, we’re here to help make sure your NAB planning goes smoothly and that you get the maximum benefit from the show. For more information about how we can help, click here.

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