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November/December 2015

Calrec Audio@ProSoundNews Nov. 21
NESCom Catches a Calrec

Quantum@TVBEurope Nov. 20
@NASA Selects @QuantumCorp for @KennedySpaceCtr Content Management
and Storage System

Riedel Communications
Nov. 12
Skype Interactivity Brought to India’s Got
Talent Through Riedel System

Dejero@4rfvdirectory Nov. 10
Dejero Launches LIVE+ #Transceiver

Howard Lukk, Disney and DCI Alum, Named
SMPTE Director of Standards

Planning for Success in the New Year

It’s that time of year. Holidays, festivities, gatherings of family and friends. The old year winds down and the new one quickly comes into focus. It’s a time for reflection and a time for planning. Which marketing strategies worked for you this year? Which ones didn’t? How should you adjust going forward?

We’re spending a good part of this month in planning meetings with our clients. Different companies have different aspirations and objectives, and so planning sessions can vary. But the ultimate goal is an integrated marketing communications plan that outlines in one document how all your marketing efforts will be coordinated – product launches with trade shows, editorial and advertising, social media campaigns, email blasts/marketing automation, and other digital content.

Planning – it can be a daunting undertaking. But without it, a lot of marketing efforts flounder. Next thing you know, NAB is upon you and you have no roadmap.

Don’t let NAB sneak up on you without a plan for maximizing your investment there. We can help. Click here to request a free 20-minute consultation on how to build your communications plan for 2016.

End of Year Housekeeping Checklist:
5 Things to Review and Refresh on Your Online Presence for 2016

  1. The “Events” section of your website
  2. Your company backgrounder/boilerplate
  3. Your social media background images
  4. Links to online news items mentioning your company
  5. Your blog. It’s a good time for an “end-of-year reflections” post.

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