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Riedel Communications — @SVGEurope Aug 20
RAI Italy deployed @RIEDELnet network systems for 98th Giro d'Italia, supplied by partner @Broadcastsolu.

IABM — @TheIABM July 30
IABM Member @HarmonicInc Powers Japan's First Live, Full-Frame 4K Ultra HD Channel for EHIME CATV.

ChyronHego — @TVNewsCheck Aug. 6
The forecast for weather tech at stations is mobile with a chance of augmented reality.

SMPTE — @SVC_Online Aug. 6
@smpteconnect Elevates 15 Motion-Imaging Technology Industry Leaders to Fellow Status #svcwire #avtweeps.

Sonnet — @4rfvdirectory Aug. 12
Sonnet's Fusion PCIe Flash Drive Now Shipping

Here comes IBC!

After months of preparation, everything is done, and it’s just a matter of getting on the plane and getting on with it.

So, what can you be doing in these last few weeks leading up to this, or any, major trade show? As you might imagine, we go to a LOT of trade shows and we have seen it all. But one topic that comes up more and more is the seemingly dreaded video interview.

Some of us are really good in front of a camera and some … not so much. We all work BEHIND the camera, right? Whether you worry about those 20 pounds of supposed weight gain or sounding less than stellar, here are a few tips to help prepare you and your staff for video interviews so that they end up being something that can be repurposed for other marketing tasks once the show is over.

First and foremost, keep it light and simple. The point is to identify yourself, your company, and your product or service. You don’t get all day, so pick a few points and go with them. Keeping it simple will also help to mitigate the “uhs” and “umms” that pop up now and again.

Next, rehearse. You will likely be outfitted with a lapel mic, so no need for the hair brush microphone. Stand up straight. Look directly into the mirror, and set a countdown clock for 90 seconds. You are knowledgeable, you know your stuff, you look good; now explain it all to the mirror. Once in front of the camera, you’ll need to adjust your timing to match any time constraints.

Most important, make yourself comfortable. Unbutton your jacket. Breathe. Put your badge in your pocket or hand it to someone to hold. If you’re going to show some gear, have it handy or have someone give it to you from off camera.

Learning to embrace video opportunities is key to having a finished product that can be leveraged during the show, for your post-show follow-ups, and the company website.

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