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JUNE 2015

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InfoComm, June 13-15, 2015, Orlando

TVB Europe 20/20, June 30, 2015, London

NAB is in the books. Now what?

The bodily abuse from too much food, too much talking, and way too much walking has finally healed. You've put your new contacts into your CRM, conducted follow-ups, and hopefully have concluded some business.

While IBC is now just three months away, there is more that you can be doing to capitalize on your NAB efforts. Since June to August are typically slow news months, it's an ideal time to get your user stories and other great content placed in the trade magazines and online outlets.

If you have some good content laying around, now would also be a good time to get some additional miles out of it by re-purposing it. Of course, if it's been published, make sure you are pointing to it from your website and with your social media. Articles are also great fodder for blogs and email blasts. You took the time to create it so make sure you leverage it as much as you can.

It's also a great time to consider marketing automation, if you haven't already. Marketing automation comes in many different flavors from the most basic to something that can be constantly working for you in the background.

Experts in consumer response marketing, such as Kokoro, can create an effective plan for leveraging your trade show leads, sending useful, targeted information to them. When a recipient clicks on an email link or fills in a form, the CRM automatically is updated with his or her product interest, saving your time, and segmenting prospects based on interest.

Find out how you can stop leads from falling between the cracks and sell more. Learn more.


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