Many media technology companies use press releases, contributed articles, and thought leadership pieces in the trade press to spread awareness of their brand and product portfolio. Why? Because it works.

But marketing efforts today must include social media, and an event such as an annual trade show offers companies a great chance to test out their social media marketing chops.

Rather than rely on a few motivated, social-media-savvy employees to make regular posts, be a little more forward-looking. When you create a social media campaign that leverages resources across your sales and marketing departments, you can engage with clients, prospective customers, and current and potential partners on a new level.

Create a Little Friendly Competition

Hosting social-media-driven content associated with a particular trade show can open up new opportunities to communicate with members of the industry. A campaign built around a contest can be fun, and it also has the benefit of having a definite end point.

Such a campaign might give participants points for capturing and sharing different activities via social media — and then translate those points into a corresponding number of entries in a raffle for something everyone wants! (Maybe something that debuted at CES … last year.)

What kinds of activities might count toward the final point total?

  • Twitter posts (or retweets of posts) that mention your company
  • Likes of your company’s Facebook page or of new posts on the page
  • New connections on LinkedIn
  • Posting of selfies at your booth
  • Prominent usage of a hashtag linking your company with the show

A Simple Contest Could Yield Big Benefits

By the end of the show, this contest will have put your company’s friends and customers to work in publicizing the company and its products. It will have generated fun content, and it will have boosted the number of followers across multiple social media platforms. Announcing the raffle winner (or winners) gives you yet another opportunity to share the love all across social media.

The success of this effort will do more than boost external engagement with the company; it will drive greater internal participation in future social media marketing activities. Seeing the power of social media will encourage the sales and marketing teams to be proactive in contributing ideas and content throughout the rest of the year.

Keep It Up

To keep the momentum going after the show, check out Wall Street Communications’ Triple-Tier Campaign for social media marketing. (Learn more about the campaign here!) Or, just contact the agency to discuss creating a social media marketing strategy all your own.